Filling Out Form 1040 (Part 1) – Filing Or Not For My Wife?

By: Pete
Date posted: 12.05.2011 (5:00 am) | Write a Comment  (0 Comments)

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Today, after preparing myself in many different ways, I finally got started, trying to fill out Form 1040. As I am not an accountant, I will certainly have many questions along the way so I know for a fact that I will not be able to finish filling out everything today. We do have do start as some place though right? So here is the start of form 1040:

That part went very well. In my case, I only have one residence, which is in Canada and I do have my own US social security number. You can see an example from the IRS website of form 1040 filled out here. So I did not have much issues filling out this part. So I’m off to a great start and now went to the 2nd section.

Oh, here it starts. I am married to my wife who is a Canadian citizen. How do I proceed? Clearly I am not single and I was not sure if I had to file for my wife. I did end up searching around the web and the IRS website. From what I can understand, I have the choice of filing or not for my wife and if I do plan on one day moving with her to the US, it would be easier if she did. Honestly, at this point my main priority is to become compliant so I will be filing for myself only this time around and once that is done I might start filing for my wife as well in future years. I will also seek clarity from the IRS about this point. For now, I will be selecting option #3:

-Married filing separately

And filing an exemption for my wife. I will however check with the IRS and report back.

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