Following Up With The IRS

By: Pete
Date posted: 02.13.2012 (5:00 am) | Write a Comment  (0 Comments)

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I would love to say that I expected to already have an answer from the IRS but truth is that I didn’t. In fact, I expected a long delay and that I would probably need to contact them for a follow up. Unfortunately, that day has arrived. To give you some context if you are new to this blog, I am a US citizen that lives in Canada and had not known about my duty to report my income and assets to the IRS. I got information about different ways to get this done and in the end, the only viable option seemed to be to learn how to do it myself and send everything to the the IRS.

I emailed the IRS for instructions, got a very detailed email about what I needed to do. It took me a bit over a month to figure out which files I needed to use and how to actually fill them out, I ended up filing using form 1040, form 2555 and form 1116.

Then, I sent the material along with proof and a letter explaining my situation off to the IRS. I did not (and still don’t) expect everything to be perfect but I think most of it should be ok and hopefully the IRS can inform me of any possible modifications that need to be done.

Additionally, I hope to get some guidance from the IRS regarding past years and how far back I should go when reporting my income. In the initial email, the IRS had mentioned 6 years and that would certainly be fine, especially since I don’t expect things to be very different from one year to another since so few sections actually apply to me.

Here I am, 1 month later with no answer which is not shocking in any way. I will however prepare to call the IRS to get more information about my file. Is something missing, did they receive it alright, can I do anything further to make it easier for them? I actually have a decent amount of questions and will be sure to prepare everything before calling them. I’m hoping for a very nice conversation with them but in all honesty, I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully I will not be disappointed.

If anyone has had experience calling the IRS, I’d love to hear from you. On one hand, I have clearly been wrong about not producing this earlier and could probably deserve to not get much “sympathy”. However, I am now volunteering and trying to do the right thing, I would hope that it would help me out.

In my next post I will be reporting back about how discussions were.

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