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By: Pete
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As many of you know, I had initially filed my 2010 income report with the IRS only to receive a very surprising letter back asking me to send $10,000 or so. Wow! I had clearly made a mistake and when I ended up looking into it to file a revised form along with my 2011 income tax filing, I was hoping to get a quick answer back. Nothing came.. no reminder to pay but also no confirmation that everything was alright. I was told this was completely normal which I found very surprising. No news is good news it seems. How in the world would I get a confirmation that everything was ok, that the IRS was not simply preparing a sophisticated attack to capture me? 🙂 haha.. I’m joking but it was a concern for me to not have this whole story put to rest.

After Finally Giving Up

Last week, after going to my mail box I saw a letter from the IRS. My heart started pounding. If no news is good news… then what does getting a letter, 4 months after getting some news mean? It’s probably not a good sign right?

But then I saw this after opening the envelope:

$0.00 is now due

Thank god!!! Even better would have been to get some kind of confirmation regarding 2011 but it does seem like they really don’t send those. I’m guessing the only reason I got the 2010 confirmation is that they had already sent me some documents regarding that year so they needed to officially “close it out”. I guess that 2011 is also ok since it was done in the same way and sent in the same envelope:)

Am I Fully Compliant?

I guess not. I mean ideally, I would have filed for every year that I’ve worked both my income report and my FBAR… That seems unrealistic though. I did file for 2 years and will do so going forward so as the years go by, I should become “more compliant”

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