My Call To The IRS

By: Pete
Date posted: 03.23.2012 (2:42 am) | Write a Comment  (0 Comments)

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I had a very optimistic view that one call and everything would be settled and fixed. I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, it has proven a bit more complicated. I did call the number given to me in the answer from the IRS which directed me to another number where I was able to speak to someone. Unfortunately, that person did not seem to be any type of specialist on expat taxes as most of my questions seemed fairly new, especially regarding the RRSP credits.

She seemed to think that my file was showing I had not claimed a foreign tax credit which I was certain to have done. In the end, while the lady was useful and did give me the information I was looking for regarding forms that I need to fill… I still don’t feel as if this were resolved.

More Questions

The problem is that even though I did call the IRS and get some questions, I’m feeling less convinced about my situation now. First of all, the RRSP deductions do not seem to be as straight forward as I was hoping for. There might be some limit to who can get an exemption for such a credit. Also, it’s unclear to me why she was saying that I had not asked for the foreign tax credit.

My Next Step

I feel like at this point, I need to review the letter that they sent a lot more carefully. I will also be sending an answer by email which might help the communications but also will help both them and myself understand the other more clearly.

Still Believe I Will End Up Paying Nothing

At this point, I am certainly not feeling amazing but I remain very confident that I will be able to find the best possible solution:) Will keep you posted of course

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