No Confirmation From The IRS? Seriously?

By: Pete
Date posted: 08.20.2012 (11:28 pm) | Write a Comment  (0 Comments)

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After waiting for a few weeks to hear back from the IRS following my sending out the revised filings, I was anxiously waiting for a confirmation from the IRS that instead of owing almost $10K, my revised amount was $0. How sweet that would be. But I waited, waited and waited. Nothing came in the mail.

After a while, I sent out an email to the tax specialist that I had consulted. He informed me that: “No news is good news”. What did he mean? Turns out that the IRS does not send out a confirmation if no money is owed. That sounded crazy. In Canada, no matter what you end up reporting, you would receive a statement that will confirm the numbers and whatever you end up owing (or not).

It Can’t Be That Hard?

I mean right now, I’m half happy that everything “seems” over but also wondering if they ever did received my revised form or if it could have gotten lost in the mail. How would I know? Just seems like a bad system, especially when you consider the cost of actually providing me and others with a confirmation. I’m sure it would avoid confusion for a few others (including myself).

What’s Next?

Given how my first call to the IRS went, I can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of calling them back to confirm that everything on my first is ok. That being said, I’d really prefer to know rather than assume… so chances are that I will end up calling. Have any of you gone through this? Did you get anything back from the IRS if you owed nothing? If not, did try to call to confirm?

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