Sending It Off To The IRS With An Explanation

By: Pete
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Finally, I was able to get through it, after filing my form 1040, form 2555 and form 1116, I had everything I needed to finally send my 2010 taxes. I added to that copies of my federal and provincial revenue statements that also confirm the amount of taxes to be paid. Then, I also wanted to include a short letter to the IRS. I had been recommended doing so by a friend who deals with the IRS. The letter had to be short because I know that these people are very busy and would likely not have much time to read it. I did however want to get a few point across:

I am sorry for not filing earlier (I should have known about this requirement and filed earlier, I did state that I would pay close attention to my duties going forward

I filed to the best of my knowledge and abilities. I did spend quite a lot of time trying to get everything right but I’m not a tax professional so there is certainly the possibility that I missed a number or made a mistake. Hopefully that is not the case but I wanted to state that.

I would be more than happy to help answer any further questions: Remember, I am trying to be transparent in order to get everything right

I am more than happy to file past years if that would be helpful, I would simply prefer having a confirmation that my 2010 statement was done correctly so I can do the other ones right from the start.

Explaining that my income and taxes paid were made through a job so paid throughout the year which I think makes it logical to use the “average USD/CAD fx rate”

Those were the main points I was trying to get across, I do invite you to see my letter here though:

Next step for me will hopefully be to get an answer from the IRS. I do intend on calling in a few weeks if I don’t hear back just to make sure that they did get everything and what the normal procedure would be.

How are you doing with your expat tax returns?

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