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My name is Pete, I was born in the US in the early 80s but have lived in Canada for most of my life. Thanks to my birth on US soil, I am a US citizen which comes with its loads of benefits but also at one cost. As a US citizen, I am required by the IRS to report worldwide income every single year. I was not aware of that fact in the early years and when I did learn about it, I procrastinated. However, even though I will not owe any taxes, I am ready to get my file “compliant”. How will I proceed?

I decided to detail my entire journey in order to help those in a similar situation. Of course, I am not a registered accountant so it would be wise to verify the information. I will be detailing everything I’ve done in order to get in compliance.Please feel welcome to ask me any questions either as comments on the blog or by using our contact form.

Without further wait, here are the steps I used:

#1-I emailed the IRS explaining my situation, and asking for help on where to start, any reference documents, etc. They emailed me back a list of forms to fill out with links, etc.

#2-I found my past income reports that had been filed to Canadian authorities. Those will help me determine what income leves must be reported, how much taxes were paid, etc. Since I did pay taxes to the Canadian government, I will not owe any taxes to the US government (Canadian charges a higher income tax than the US).